Evergreen Email Series Creation 2019

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Running a website, marketing your company, and managing a business is no small task, and if you are doing more than one of them at a time, or are actually doing it You are doing two (or more) jobs total at the same time.

And when new leads show interest in your work, there is an urgent need to work fast and get in touch with them quickly, so you can convert leads into sales and build new working relationships. If someone signs up for your emails or wants to hear more from you, the ball is in your door, and the next step is up to you.

This is where a pre-established Evergreen Email Series can make a huge difference in your to-do list, as well as the ability to convert leads into sales. Here’s how it happened:

What is an evergreen email series?

Like the evergreen trees that are always green and the needles bloom for years and years, evergreen emails are always ready to be redirected, inviting them to do business with you, and special Not associated with promotions, dates, or times. Of the year

An evergreen email series, or “Evergreen Fireplace” can be used repeatedly. It’s an automated stream of emails that lets you contact a new lead without hitting “send”. Whenever someone signs up for your email list, you receive this already established channel of emails that you have to actively join without ever having to join it. the process. And the best part about these evergreen emails? If you make them look right, you can use them for months, or even years, without having to update them too much.

Evergreen content should be poor, which means you want to avoid the following:

  • Numeric facts and hard data that can change and get outdated.
  • Seasonal or temporary “trends”, including holidays or fashion trends.
  • News that will be up to date soon.

Instead, think about the answers to the FAQs, inform the reader about a particular aspect of your industry or your business, and build relationships with them. These may include:

  • How-to articles or tips and industry indicators.
  • Explanation of common concepts.
  • Testimonials or Reviews

Why should you set up an e-mail email funnel?

The bottom line? Email Marketing Tasks Email marketing campaigns have a great return on investment. In fact, it turns out that for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return is an average return on investment (RO $ I ) and spend 20%, for companies, that can cost up to $ 70 or more for each dollar, with a well-written email series, establishing value in your company. , Build emotional relationships with your brand, and even convert leads into sales. It pays, on a large scale.

But that doesn’t mean that you bravely write new emails weekly to keep things going or respond to every new lead. Not the time right now. And this is where the importance of spring content can really save you precious time while still reaching an end.

How many emails? And how far is it?

It can be difficult to decide how many emails you should send to new leads, and how far you should send those emails. You don’t want to be bombarded or overloaded with your new leads, but you also want to be relevant and meaningful to yourself.

So, what is the magic number of emails to provide you with new leads with relevant information, introduce them to your company tone, and turn them into paid users? Typically, the Evergreen Email Series can include about 4-5 emails, but how many days? It depends on the scale of your product.

Price of Your ProductNumber of Days
Less than $5003-5 Days
$500-$10005-10 Days
$1000 +10-20 Days

The more they spend, the more you want to give new leads the space-time to think through big purchases, but not so much the time they spend working with your company on all the positive aspects. Forget, so be sure to think carefully about how many days you want to stay between each message when setting up an email series.

What should each email do?

When creating a compelling email series, it can be difficult to distinguish the next email. What is the most important thing you can do with your first few emails, and how is it different from the last email? Here’s a starting point for a series of 5 emails that can be tailored to the number and tone of emails you send.

Emails 1 and 2: Emails one and two are a great introduction to your company. It should be informative in nature and match the tone and format of the rest of your website.

It’s all about educating new companies on the amazing things that your company does, and about how it will work in your business. Your company climate

You might have given your email address to a company or signed up for an online email subscription and received an email like this.

“Thank you for signing up for more information! We have received your email, and you should start receiving emails soon.”

What a lost opportunity! Your first contact is also your first impression and you should really start to inform the reader about the price of your product. Establishment of education and need. It should also match the personality of your company.

Email 3: will continue to educate your new leads on what your company does best and keep up with your needs, but this time, you can start changing your sales too. This email can increase the price by shifting the more convincing language and the idea of ​​buying your product.

Emails 4 and 5: Your last two emails (in a series of 5 emails) should focus primarily on sales. Your leads have yet to read your emails, which means they are clearly interested in your company and your product, so you can start focusing on sales now.

There are so many techniques that you write dynamic, effective sales emails, and they really use the time to laugh, as to why your readers should use your product and your business.

Think of these last emails as a continuation of your conversion:

  • your attack plan to turn interested readers into buyers.
  • You’ve nurtured and built relationships with your readers, so it’s time to act on them.

With the ever-evolving email layout, you’re doing both marketings, marketing and sales to build customer relationships and boost sales, all of which work better.

  • It saves time, benefits clients, and enhances your business, while also spreading the value of working with your company.
  • This is a win for your new leads who are getting information and products and they are a sure win for you.

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